A Welcome Letter from Dr. Schneider

Do you know why CBD is good for your skin?

Your facial skin is exposed to wind and weather, and your stressed hands and forearms want to be beautiful for a lifetime.

CBD-based skincare products are high in essential fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9.  This protects against moisture loss while keeping the skin well hydrated. Additionally, a 2018 study found that CBD also helps to promote oil production for managing dry skin.  It influences the aging process by inhibiting inflammation and regulating the formation of skin oils. CBD even reduces itching!

The skin is the body’s largest organ as well as its first line of defense against illnesses and infections. For this reason, it is exposed to danger more than any other part of the body and skin conditions are quite prevalent. No one is immune to the occasional rash. Others face lifelong autoimmune disorders including eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Skin conditions are exacerbated by inflammation.  Since CBD oil is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent, more and more people are using CBD oil for skin conditions, both for treatment and prevention.

CBD has been shown to activate both the cannabinoid and PPAR Gamma receptors in skin, which is likely responsible for its skin benefits. Reported skin benefits include:

  • improved moisturization
  • improved skin barrier
  • skin soothing/anti-inflammatory
  • antipruritic (anti-itch)
  • Acne/oil control
  • treating psoriasis/atopic dermatitis

I highly recommend our cosmetics line with the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD)!


Dr. Kerstin Schneider

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